Welcome to the PDFdirectory project

French language file now available thanks to Matt Kerma here!

See 0.2.10 demo here. You can logon as admin/admin as a playground or you can create your own account to begin working on a directory for you organization!
Or download Version 0.2.10 now available here.

Installation instructions found here in the Installation section of the user's guide.

There has been much added since the alpha releases so the language files are a little behind. This should be corrected by the first production release.

If you wish to help with the project or have comments or suggestions contact Richard Bondi.

PDFDirectory Project Summary


This application is designed to save time and frustration in the process of creating a printable directory for your organization. Much of the difficulty is in the exchange of information from group members to whomever is assigned the task of creating the directory. This difficulty is overcome by having select members enter member data into a database, defining the organizations hierarchy and managing page insertion into the hierarchy. The member information will be auto-generated in the final document. Uses could be for church groups, sports leagues etc.



  • Template support for auto-generation of member data.
  • Standard PDF output or booklet format.
  • Choice of various languages.
  • Create pages offline in your favorite desktop app.
  • Automatic generation of Table of Contents and Index.
  • Gutter support.
  • Assigning of users.
  • Restrict users as to what they can access.
  • Defining the organizations structure and assigning of enumerations reflecting that structure.
User level access:
  • Maintaing the database of Members.
  • Create custom pages and define their location in the document.
  • Assigning members to there groups.

Available in:

Bulgarian translated by Nikolay Damianov
Dutch translated by Niels Timmer(a.k.a. Spike)
French translated by Matt Kerma
German translated by Robert Metzger
Hebrew translated by Yotam Rabinerson
Italian translated by Tara Kelly (a.k.a. katytid)
Russian translated by Cyrill Gorcunov
Spanish translated by Martha Bondi


My wife and I have been Secretaries serving a 3 year term with the local Christian Family Movement. Our main responsibility is for creating the organizations directory. We used desktop apps for the first 2 years. These proved to be cumbersome and time consuming as well as having the difficulty with the exchange of information from the different members responsible for their groups. Lead time was very high. The third year, I decided to try to do this via a web based application. The responsibility for entering the information was delegated to those who were more closely in contact with the different segments of the organization. It worked great and lead time has been drastically reduced. I wrote it in a very specific manner with hard-coded administration. The concept has been proven to work. Knowing that this works I took it to the next level. I re-wroked the project so that it will not be so specific and it can be open to the general public.

Existing tools:

Mysql , PHP , FPDF by Olivier Plathey , FPDI by Jan Slabon , PHP Layaer Menu by Marco Pratesi

Mysql database to store the data.
PHP is the scripting language running on the web server.
FPDF and FPDI to generate output.
PHP Layers Menu for menus and trees.


Please contact Richard Bondi with any questions so I can at least start with an "AQ" and work my way up to an "FAQ".

  • Localization(date)
  • Add photos to groups and members
  • Config option for field selection
  • Audit trail
  • User definable fields
  • Make more modular to include with other apps
  • Integrated editor for custom pages.
  • Print diplomas from the member database.

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